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The Art in Keepin on Truckin

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We are so in love with these beautifully decorated trucks of Asia. Famous in Asia these designs are particularly popular in parts of India and Afghanistan. Truck owners will send up to $3K to customise there ride, and include items that remind them of their homes. What a wonderful travelling Prospector Store these would make ;). We love love love a sub culture don't you.....

Going Underground

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We love our books, they are simply something we could not live without! A consist source of inspiration and escapism. And this one in particular is definitely our happy place...we hope you too enjoy going underground as well......:)



A true touch of gold for your Monday!

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It's always lovely when people recommend music to you and when we rate it we'd like to share it with you all. If you haven't heard of this amazing singer - winner of the Mercury Music award this year. Listen in, look up and get absorbed by this talented lad who is described as a poet and musician. Who comes from London but lived homeless on the streets of Paris for years busking and is famous for not wearing shoes.... We'll let you decide what you think of Benjamin Clementine.