Prospector Store

Find your own piece of gold

Find your own piece of gold. 

What is the Prospector Store?

To be a 'prospector' is to be the person in charge of searching for hidden gold and treasures whatever form this treasure may take. 

The Prospector Store wants you to have a prospect (hunt) and to be the prospector (find). We want you to find the hidden gold within our collection and experience the art of shopping at the same time!

So what sort of things does the Prospector Store sell? 

The person behind the Prospector Store has carefully curated a selection of things from here and around the world. A lot of the initial prospecting has been done for you and you will find both new and old treasures.

 What's in our range?

Prospector Vintage - Our vintage collection of accessories and homewares has been painstakingly sourced from here and around the globe to help you look and feel your retro vintage best.

Prospector Threads - A unique and varied range of accessories and for guys and gals from young designers and ourselves to help you face the world in style.

Prospector Abode - Home sweet home, we understand how important your homestead is to you and we want you to be able to get the best out of it. Whether it's a new candle or a cool cushion we have it covered!

Prospector Art - We have stuff for your walls, coffee tables and any other place in your house that you want to stick some inspiration. We promote and give young artists a platform to get there stuff out there. We love art and want you all to start buying art for now and the future!

Prospector Limited - Sometimes we can't find the things out there that we really love, so occasionally we will be commissioning and collaborating with some pretty cool people to get unique capsule collections made - Think Tracey Emin for Longchamp. These pieces will be your gold in the future!

Testimonials from some of our golden customersA beautifully designed creative space that is much needed in parramatta... Love the vintage finds :) - Kim Lee (customer). By far the best store in all of the land....great conversations to be had with every visit! - Roberta Chavez (customer) , Easily the best store/gallery in all of the land. - Helen Lac (customer)


Who is behind the Prospector Store?

Geraldine Mills is the founder and curator of the Prospector Store. Having had a varied career working in publishing, advertising, interactive, visual arts and retail, her heart has always lead her back to art, fashion and retail. 

Growing up partly overseas she was exposed to grand old mansions, castles,elaborate gardens and different "ways of seeing" early on.  

While on these fact finding missions she would always made sure she had enough pocket money left over to buy something exotic and unique from whatever foreign land she was visiting at the time. And so hence her early prospecting days were cemented.

Since those early days Geraldine's quest for discovering new things and sharing them with others has only grown. 

A keen “op shopper” throughout her teenage years and into her artschool days saw her develop a unique style and way of dressing as well has challenging how she values 'things'. She has had a promising career which still continues as a visual artist. Fashion, design, interiors and photography are Geraldine's true passions in life. Geraldine is very excited about sharing some other talented people with you. 

The need to open, run and design the Prospector Store came from a growing urge to say something on a grander scale. In keeping with these grand views one future objective for us is to change the way we see things, consume things and treat each other, "respect, reflect and return" are our current motto's. We know you already share these values otherwise you wouldn't be here already reading this :). The result we hope is an exciting new concept store which people will hopefully describe as a 'department store of cool'. We hope you love the prospector store as much as we do and find your own little piece of gold amongst the many great pickings on offer.




“It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.